Finished box




Both roosters have slept in the box for a few nights now. Their crowing is audible in the mornings, but heavily muffled. It could still be better but subject to our very tolerant neighbours remaining heppy with the noise level, I think it might be good enough. I’ll keep chasing improvements though!


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  1. I’ve been following this project as I need to build a rooster night box for my roosters and am curious as to how/if you managed ventilation in this box?


    • Hi Maggie, our box isn’t ventilated deliberately – the sealing isn’t perfect and the internal volume is large, and the combination seems to be enough. We tested the adequacy by putting the roosters in for a short time, checking on them and then increasing the time. Made for a broken sleep the first night though! Any gaps that allow air in/out will reduce the muffling, so this may not be the solution for you, depending on how quiet you need it. We toyed with ideas such as: a chimney arrangement that would direct any sound it released upwards; venting towards the ground or an earth wall; and using an old car muffler somehow (I have a few lying around). Interested to hear how you approach this – stay in touch!


  2. […] built a proper night box (documented here and here) to keep the roosters (Craig and Red at the time) quiet at night and in the morning.  Red kept […]


  3. I have used a 45 litre willow brand plastic esky that is double lined for insulation… I drilled holes in the base liner at one end but only through the first layer, then drilled holes in the internal liner at the other end and Henry the Rooster goes in at night and comes out in the morning all happy and well.. I add some paper and straw inside so it is quite comfy and he has not crowed in the mornings now until I let him out..


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