About the suburbanites

We are a small(ish) family building a more sustainable life in the suburbs.

We are (so far…) two adults, one kindergartener, one preschooler, one toddler, one cat, two ducks and many chickens: we breed large pure-bred Coronation Sussex plus we have a an assortment of other hens: Light Sussex, Wyandotte, Araucana and a few random crosses.  We are currently only breeding for replacement with a focus on health.

We live in north Canberra and are trying to create as sustainable a life as possible for ourselves using the land space available to us in our suburban block (almost a quarter acre, minus the house and driveway).

For several years we have felt uncomfortable with unsustainable food production practices and intensive farming of animals for consumption. Our eventual aim is to produce as much of our food as possible on our own little suburban farm. We eat as sustainably as possible and when we do eat meat we try to eat the most ethical available.

Phase one of our chicken endeavour is for eggs. Our first egg arrived on 7 March 2011.

Phase two is breeding for meat. Since our breeds are all dual-purpose, we breed the girls for eggs and the boys for eating.  Our theory is that the death of animals through humane slaughter is going to be better than any death in the wild (whether succumbing to disease or being eaten by something else). Therefore we feel it is more important for the animal to have a happy life. This is also especially important for chickens kept for eggs.

Our other greenie mantra is “reuse, recycle, bodge!” We are avid diy-ers and love nothing more than bodging something together from reused parts (partly because we are cheap!).

We will use this site to share our experiences and link with other people like us.

If you want to get in touch, email us using the form below:

[updated August 2015]

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